Contact Informations


We at Zero Gravity Poker take our customers satisfaction very seriously. We are dedicated to make your experience at the poker tables as memorable as possible. We engage ourselves to never let a player quit the site because he is unhappy with our support. If you have any concern, problem or question, please feel free to contact our very friendly support team at your disposal 24/7. They are here to assist and guide you to a very enjoyable time playing poker at Zero Gravity.

Report Bugs

The Zero Gravity Poker software has been tested and retested countless times to remove any possible software glitch that could possibly happen. However, since our programmers are human and make mistakes, we can never be absolutely certain that all the bugs have been completely removed. If you happen to run into software bugs while playing at Zero Gravity and would like to report it so that it is fixed in later releases or update of the software, you are invited to do so.


Since we at Zero Gravity are all about customers satisfaction, we want to give our players the chance to tell us what they wanna see in the playlists. We want YOU to decide what YOU wanna play with your money. If you are frustrated because your favorite tournament format isn't in the playlist and would like to see it added, contact us at and we'll take every suggestions into considerations.


If for any reasons you feel that you have been wronged or you could not resolve the issues you are having directly with our support team, you can file a complaint directly to Zero Gravity administration explaining clearly in detail the situation.