Ring Games

Sitting Out Policy

Players are allowed to sit-out of the table for a period of 15 minutes. After that they will be automatically kicked off the table to give waiting players a chance to play.


The minimal buy-in at ring games is 20 bb and the maximum is 100 bb. Players who recently left a table (30 minutes or less) with a stack bigger than 100 bb are forced to take their old stack if they want to sit.



Players will be allowed to unregister from a given tournament until up to 1 minute before the tournament starts. After that, money will go into the prize pool. Late registrations are currently not supported on the Zero Gravity Poker software. Once a tournament starts, it will be impossible to register.

Hand 4 Hand Play

On the Zero Gravity Poker software, tournaments will play hand for hand when there is a jump in the money after the next elimination. Other than that, tournaments will play normally.


Zero Gravity understands that tournaments can be long and excruciating. In an effort to ease players comfort, we offer synchronize breaks of 5 minutes on all tournament tables every hour. This should give players enough time to get a drink refill, something to eat or go to the bathroom.

Rebuys And Addons

Tournaments who allow rebuys or addons will have a special mention in the lobby and the list of tournaments. The number of allowed rebuys and the period of time will be clearly specified. Zero Gravity tries to give skilled player a better chance to make more money and build a bankroll quickly by offering daily Deep Stack tournaments with 1 Rebuy and 1 Addon on a wide range of buy-in, cutting down the luck factor.

Deal Making At The Final Table

Deal making at the final table is forbidden. Players must play until the tournament finishes.

General Policies

Cheating And Collusion

Players who are caught cheating in any form will have their account permanently banned and all their money seized. Forms of cheatings are the following:


Zero Gravity offers a certain degree of protection for intermittent internet disconnection. Each player will have a 5 minute disconnection time bank at each table they are playing.After that, Zero Gravity takes absolutely no responsibility and hands will be automatically checked and folded.

Server Crash

In the event of a server crash, hands in play will be rolled back. Chips in play will be given back and tournaments will resume where they were before the hand.